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Independent Contractor

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Whether a person is an independent contractor will be based on various facts surrounding the relationship with the “employer.” (1) The ability to control an individual’s work; (2) the worker’s opportunity for profit or loss; (3) Whether the service rendered required a special skill; (4) The degree of permanence of the working relationship; (5) Whether the service rendered was an integral part of the alleged employer’s business; (6) Which party provides the tools and materials used at the job; (7) How the worker is paid for his services.

Burden Of Proof Regarding Overlap Between Injuries

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In Regards To Burden Of Proof Regarding Overlap Between Injuries

The defendant bears the burden of proving the extent of overlap, if any, between the prior and current permanent disability. It is the defendant’s burden to establish the existence of a prior award and to establish the extent of overlap between that prior award and applicant’s current permanent disability.