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Tag Ex Parte Communication

Ex Parte Communication with Judge

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Section 10324, California Code of Regulations provides that no document, including letters or other writings, shall be filed by a party or lien claimant with the Worker’s Compensation Appeals Board unless service of a copy thereof is made on all parties together with the filing of a proof of service as provided for in Rule 10505.

Ex Parte Communication With AME Or QME

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Ex Parte Communication With AME Or QME.

Labor Code Section 5701 precludes a party from communicating with an Agreed Medical Evaluator(AME) or Qualified Medical Evaluator(QME) on an ex parte basis. Communications must be joint until an applicant is examined by the doctor. There are strict rules about any communication with the doctor after the exam. Applicant’s should never contact the doctor. They should speak with their attorney. A d irect contact by the applicant with the AME or QME will allow the defense attorney to replace the doctor if they wish.