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100% Total Permanent Disability

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The Limited v WCAB (2012) 77 CCC 1003
It has long been recognized that an injured worker may be found to be 100% permanently disabled when the effects of the industrial injury cause a loss of future earning capacity because the employee is not amendable to vocational rehabilitation and is unable to compete in the open competitive labor market. LeBoeuf v WCAB. As the court wrote in LeBoeuf, permanent disability is the irreversible residual of a work related injury that causes impairment in earning capacity, impairment in the normal use of a member or a handicap in the open labor market. An injured worker may be totally permanently disabled even if he or she may be able to perform some limited work in a sheltered and protected work environment. Sparteck Plastics v WCAB (1998) 64 CCC 124 Garden Grove Unified School Dist. v WCAB (2010) 75 CCC 521. (page 1006).
In this case the court found that it makes no difference that the applicant might be able to perform limited work in a sheltered environment because such work is not generally available in the open labor market.

Synergistic Effect of Injury

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In determining the degree of Permanent Disability the medical examiner may consider the synergistic effect of applicant’s injury, any surgeries, whether further surgery would be beneficial, the effects of pain medication and the conclusion of a vocational rehabilitation expert that the applicant is not feasible for vocational retraining and has no future earning capacity, and is thus, permanently totally disabled.