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How Does California Workers’ Compensation Work?

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Worker’s Compensation benefits are all statutory benefits set forth in the California Labor Code. Anybody performing services for another will be covered for an on the job injury, as long as the injury arose out of and occurred during the course of employment. The benefits are essentially medical treatment, temporary disability, permanent disability and a very inadequate voucher. Worker’s Comp is very different than personal injury laws that are pursued through the superior court. Under the current system, the employer has the right to designate the doctors from whom the injured worker must treat. Sweet, right? Every time we get a “reform” legislative change, the insurance industry gets more control over the system. For instance, recent changes to the laws reduced temporary disability payments to a maximum of two years. Ridiculous;but true.

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Martin Sanchez - July 1, 2014

does an injured worker have the right to ask for a compromise and release or is it the insurance adjusters choice to make?

brentmthompson - July 14, 2014

Yes, the applicant can ask for a compromise and release. Its the insurance company that decides which kind of settlement they are willing to enter into. Depending on your age and the future medical needs there may be the necessity of a medicare set aside as part of a compromise and release. Without any additional information it is impossible to elaborate.

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