Required Vehicle Exception Going and Coming Rule

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Re: Required Vehicle Exception to Going and Coming Rule

If employer requires or reasonably relies on the employee to make his or her personal vehicle available to use for employer’s benefit and employer derives benefit from that availability of vehicle then employee is in the course and scope of employment.
Please remember that both work related injuries and personal injuries have Statutes of Limitations. This means that your claim or lawsuit must be filed with the WCAB within a certain period of time, or the claim will be barred. If a personal injury claim is against a governmental entity, there is a six-month claim statute, which must be satisfied.

Keep in mind that the injury itself must be reported to a supervisor immediately upon knowledge of an injury occurring on the job. It is imperative that you contact the attorney of your choice for advice regarding the statutes of limitations at the earliest possible opportunity. Your failure to take action promptly may result in your claim being denied. The statutes of limitations involved will vary depending on the circumstances of your particular claim.

If you are serious about pursuing your injury matter, retain counsel without delay. If you fail to strictly observe the time limitations applicable to your particular situation, you are likely to lose your rights to proceed FOREVER.

Brent Mcafee Thompson APC  is a professional Workers Compensation Law Firm. is a Workers Comp Attorney serving injured workers in California.  For over the past 30 years I have represented thousands of workers who have suffered injuries on the job.  On the job injuries can occur as a result of a specific injury and also as a result of a cumulative trauma injury. An example of a specific injury would be a slip and fall where the person injures their back. A cumulative injury is an injury that is caused as a result of the repetitive stress and strains of repetitive job duties over a long period of time.  We are diligent and aggressive at securing the treatment and compensation you deserve.  If you need any assistance regarding an injury at work feel free to call my office 800-400-8321 for a free consultation.

The information provided herein above is not to be received or understood as legal advice. No attorney/client relationship exists with this office until you have signed a Retainer Agreement or an engagement letter.

I am a California workers comp attorney blogging to inform those who have been injured at work and are seeking out a legal advocate. Contact my office at 800-400-8321.

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