TMJ and Dental Injuries

TMJ and Dental Injuries

TMJ and Dental Injuries

TMJ injuries or temporomandibular joint injuries refers to the small joint on the lower jaw that attaches to the skull. It allows a person to open and close their mouth, to speak, and chew. The Temporomandibular joint can be damaged by force exerted on the jaw or an injury to the head or a fall. TMJ and Dental injuries often involve the jaw clicking or locking. Injuries to the jaw, temporomandibular joint, or muscles in the head and neck can cause TMJ disorders. Dental injuries can result from various work related accidents, and often require extensive and expensive dental procedures.

Trauma to the jaw or temporomandibular joint plays a role in some TMJ disorders. But for most jaw joint and muscle problems, scientists don’t know the causes. Because the condition is more common in women than in men, scientists are exploring a possible link between female hormones and TMJ disorders.

For many people, symptoms seem to start without obvious reason. Research disputes the popular belief that a bad bite or orthodontic braces can trigger TMJ disorders.

Symptoms of TMJ

A variety of symptoms may be linked to TMJ disorders. Pain, particularly in the chewing muscles and/or jaw joint, is the most common symptom. Other likely symptoms include:

  • radiating pain in the face, jaw, or neck
  • jaw muscle stiffness
  • limited movement or locking of the jaw
  • painful clicking, popping or grating in the jaw joint when opening or closing the mouth
  • a change in the way the upper and lower teeth fit together

NIH: National Institute of Dental and Craniofacial Disorders

Prompt examination and evaluation of a Dental Injury is imperative. The victim of a Dental Injury needs fast assessment and treatment to minimize the effects of such an injury.

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